Shenzhen Lilutong Technology Industry Co., Ltd., is a professional design, research and development production waterproof connectors, waterproof connectors, waterproof plug, cable waterproof connector, industrial waterproof plug, power supply waterproof connector, aviation waterproof plug, quick plug connector, high-power waterproof plug, push-pull self-locking connector, LED waterproof plug comprehensive high-tech enterprise group, the company has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification, and obtained CCC, CE, TUV, UL, CUL, CQC certification, has a group of high-quality, specialized research and development and management personnel, thus ensuring the stability of the product quality, company wire and cable factory, waterproof connectors division, plastic mold department, plastic raw material factory, a total of four divisions. The company was founded in 2001, the registered capital of 2001.
Waterproof connectors division specializing in the production of waterproof connector, the waterproof connector, LED waterproof plug, waterproof cable, LED waterproof connector, LED waterproof power supply cord, quick plug waterproof connector, push-pull self-locking connector, deepwater waterproof connector, the sensor waterproof connector, RJ45 waterproof connector, aviation plug, etc., all products according to customer requirements by IP68 waterproof level, can satisfy the normal use in harsh environment.
Waterproof connectors division equipment is advanced, technical force is abundant, has a wealth of manufacturing experience, has the most advanced testing equipment, the current domestic production of all realize automatic measurement, automatic feedback. Subordinates have UL lab, product development center, mold manufacturing design center, injection molding workshop, multiple electronic production line. The waterproof connector division after 15 years of development, product line complete, reliable quality, continuous innovation, has more than 40 national patents, products are exported to many countries and regions in the world, widely used in electronic, electrical, communications, lighting, LED display, stage acoustics, machine tools, automation equipment, engineering machinery industries, etc. Has been the broad masses of the user identity, national key project (the water cube, the Shanghai world expo and the guangzhou Asian games, China's high-speed rail, the ocean ocean detection, shenzhen metro, byd new energy vehicles, etc.).
Wire and cable line division specializes in all kinds of intelligent wire research, development, production and sales. Has nearly hundred sales agents at home and abroad companies, after years of development, the current annual output value is over million, became one of the largest wire manufacturer in China.
Partnership is based on local, personal relationship, with the success of each project and delivery, these relationships will be stronger and stronger. Whether you anywhere in the world, when you and the road is a partnership, you also get a successful towards a global multinational company's support and resources. Company has more than 1000 employees, four production departments as well as an extensive sales and service network, as toward an international enterprise, we with our global customers establish beyond the interests of the partnership.
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